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Well, hello.

And the name The Film Still? Wondering how that came about? Well, I like to drink whiskey. Whiskey is made in a still. A still is something that makes something great from a lot of different just ok things. So.... The Film Still is a company that makes films. It was also a play on words because I always gave my clients photos (stills) from their video shoots. And I do love a good pun.

So, you want to hear a story?

Like all good characters, The Film Still had a bit of a convoluted start. It got dreamt up sitting on a terribly unsupportive couch while watching Alone on A&E.

I wanted to take my photography business to the next level. I sort of knew how to make videos. Seems like a logical jump, no?

A few months and quite a few turns later, The Film Still became an LLC and I was filming small businesses talking about their purpose in business. I worked with bloggers and life coaches, photographers and online magazines, realtors and loan officers. And I was having a blast doing it.

but then life happened

I needed to be home with my kids more. Leaving them with a sitter while I went to shoots or staying up so late at night working that I was too tired in the mornings to have watergun fights and jump on the trampoline wasn't working for me. I still wanted to show them that a mom can be more than a mom, but I didn't want to do it at the expense of time with them.

so I decided to pivot just a little

The most exciting part of any job I’ve done was always the editing. I love taking bits and pieces and turning them into a story.

So I thought and I planned and I drew pictures (because I'm a visual learner like that) and I came up with my perfect business.

Video Editing for Storytellers



I may be slightly weird. But you're going to love my weird.


I like tacos. Probably more than like. Tell me you have tacos and I'm showing up. I even tried the taco diet once. It didn't work.

I like scaring the bejeezus out of my kids and capturing it on camera for later blackmail. Admit it, being a parent can be boring. So I need to entertain myself.

I get obsessive about the details. I once drove all over Houston looking for the perfect huge clear balloon to put glitter inside. And it had to be the big glitter. And a rustic gold color.

I'm from East Texas. The real East Texas. Not Houston East Texas. Like, piney woods, bible belt East Texas. So I have a smidge of an accent. I don't hear it, but people tell me it's there.

I make up lyrics to songs. And I throw lyrics (real or imagined) into everyday conversation. And into this website design as well.


Want to take a peek into my life? Every monthish I make a video for my kids. This is my latest.
(Well, I hope it's my latest. I may forget to update. Don't blame me. Life happens.)