Stop spending time doing things you hate and start doing things you love.


Well, hello.


I've been there.

I've wanted to throw my computer out the window more times than I can count.

I have said bad things and my motto is "I hate technology."

I yell when I can't get the stupid computer to indent just one line and if anyone says "put it in a spreadsheet" I walk away slowly before I punch them.

So, believe me when I say I know the frustration of trying to do something you don't understand.

I know how bad it sucks to do something that frustrates you.




I know editing. I know emotional editing. I know how to take some scraps of nothing and make it into something.

I know how to pick the right music (with a legal use license) and match that music up to the beats and transitions to make you feel something.

I've had client mamas tell me countless times that their videos have made them cry. In a good way.

I've had client business owners tell me over and over that I've made them proud and excited. They can't wait for everyone to see.


I may be slightly weird. But you're going to love my weird.


I like tacos. Probably more than like. Tell me you have tacos and I'm showing up. I even tried the taco diet once. It didn't work.

I like scaring the bejeezus out of my kids and capturing it on camera for later blackmail. Admit it, being a parent can be boring. So I need to entertain myself.

I get obsessive about the details. I once drove all over Houston looking for the perfect huge clear balloon to put glitter inside. And it had to be the big glitter. And a rustic gold color.

I'm from East Texas. The real East Texas. Not Houston East Texas. Like, piney woods, bible belt East Texas. So I have a smidge of an accent. I don't hear it, but people tell me it's there.

I make up lyrics to songs. And I throw lyrics (real or imagined) into everyday conversation. And into this website design as well.


Want to take a peek into my life? Every month I make a video for my kids. This is my latest.
(Well, I hope it's my latest. I may forget to update. Don't blame me. Life happens.)