2018 Highlight Reel

Business Video Highlight Reel

I always forget how much fun it is to create highlight reels. When I think about making a new one I get overwhelmed at the thought of going through an entire year's worth of footage. How to pick which videos I want to show? How to choose which segments of the videos tell enough of the brand's story to show what video can do for businesses? And how to make lots of footage that is made specifically for certain brands become cohesive and work for my brand? So. Much. To. Think. About.

But a few weeks ago I had a networking event with women who were my ideal clients. I knew I wanted a new video highlight reel that showcased the types of brands and businesses that could use video marketing to up their business game. So I sat down and did the work. Because sometimes I do actually remember to work ON my business instead of IN my business.

So here you go.... The newest video highlight reel. I can't wait to create the next one!

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