3 Stages of Video Production

The three stages of video production

If you've never created videos before - and not the "Wait, let me get my phone to record that!" type of videos, but actual businessy brand videos, you might think it's as simple (or as hard) as just getting in front of the camera and pushing record. Well, not really.

There are three stages to video production and in this post, I'm going to touch on what each one of those stages entails. And in following posts, I'm going to break down each stage so you'll know where to invest your time and money whether you plan to create your own videos, hire out the complete production, or you just want to hire out certain parts of the video process, like the editing in post production.

Knowing what goes into the complete process from a professional videographer will help you plan better before you grab your camera if you want to DIY some videos. It will also save you time and money if you are working with a videographer because you won't need to redo filming or ask for tons of editing changes because you guys will be on the same page from the beginning.

So let's get started!

1. Pre-Production
In my opinion, pre-production is the most important stage of video production. And it happens to be the part that most people skip over. As a professional, I spend the majority of my project time on the pre-production. This is where the researching and the planning come in. Where I will storyboard or make a shot list. I start by asking myself why I'm making the video and who I'm making it for. Because I'm usually shooting for clients, I check their scripts and make sure they are communicating the ideas that they want to get across to their ideal clients. I've been guilty of booking last minute clients and thinking that I don't need to do as much planning as usual. And I always regret it later. In pre-production I need to decide and plan for what type of footage I need to create the video I want in post production. The less time I spend in pre-production, the more time I spend in post production.

2. Production
It's filming time! We film the interview and the B-roll. If you're doing voice-overs, you'll do that during this stage as well. We'll bring in a tripod, a microphone if you are including audio, and lighting equipment. There are at least two cameras running during filming to capture the angles that were planned for in pre-production. I have a shot list written out and I will got through and mark off each shot as I get it just to be sure I don't miss anything.

3. Post Production
This is where the magic happens. Where everything you've envisioned comes together seamlessly. Because there was so much planning before you filmed, we already know which editing style we need to work with - jumpcutting or seamless, cinematic or natural? We pick your music. We add in your audio. Don't forget that audio needs to be edited too. What's that saying?....

People will forgive bad visuals, but they won't stand for bad audio.

 So there's a quick run down of what goes on in each stage of video production. Don't forget to check back in the next posts to get all of the details (and free guides!) of what you need to do in each stage to ensure you get the videos you want.

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