4 Types of Business Videos You Need

We all get stuck trying to come up with topics - topics for blog posts, for social media posts, and now, topics for videos. I have so much to say, but no idea how to even start. It's overwhelming.  So to make things easy, let's talk about what videos you need to get to work on for your business. These four videos are what I think will make the biggest difference in your marketing. These are what will pull in clients and help you make a connection.

A list of 4 videos that are great for your business.

1. Brand Film
A brand film tells the story of your business. It shows your passion, your purpose, and your personality. This is something you're going to need to hire a professional for. There's no skimping around and no room for error. You'll have this front and center on your website, and you'll feature it regularly on your social media.

2. Event Films
Do you host workshops, speak at events, or have open house nights? Have someone film snippets throughout the night and edit them together to make people wish they had been there and to advertise for your next event. When people know they could be in a video, they'll watch that video and share when they look good in it. Free advertising!

3. Behind the Scenes
What better way to make your potential customers or clients feel like a part of the secret action? Showing someone how you craft your handmade jewelry proves your meticulous details. Showing the setup for your upcoming party gets viewers excited and makes them want to be a part of the action. Do this live, do it in your stories. Just do it!

4. Testimonials
Having an event? Set up a corner of the room to film testimonials. Coaching a client? Film them telling their immediate reaction or how your coaching has changed them a week later. Make sure your camera is steady and that you are using a good microphone for these testimonials. Pretty pointless to have people talking about how awesome you are if no one can hear them!

So, you've got 4 videos to make. Pick one and go!

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