The Film Still | What's with the name?

Naming a business is a hard business.

Naming my photography business was hard enough. But then trying to come up with a name for another business about drove me mad. I needed something professional, yet me. Something that explained what the business was, but had some level of creativity to it. Shouldn't be hard, huh?

Yeah. Right. I mean, I narrowed it down to two names pretty quickly.
 1. Taco Bout a Film!
2.  Nacho Average Films.

But for some reason other people kept vetoing those ideas. They obviously don't have the artistic ability to see the beauty in those names. Anyhow, I figured this once I should go with a more normal sort of name. Just to sound professional and all. I did want to work with other businesses.

So I started over. I thought about the things I love - tacos, cupcakes, and scotch. I thoughts about what I liked to do - eat, drink, and read. I thought about what the film business would do - tell stories, show brands, create connections.

And then I wrote down every single word I could think of that related to all of those things on notecards. I took those notecards and let my four year old throw them up in the air to mix them up. I tried to go with the "where ever they land is what we name it" route, but Delicious Story Connections made absolutely no sense. So after a million and twelve checks to see if certain domain names had already been purchased, I found it.

The Film Still

So perhaps I should explain why I fell in love with the name. "Still" is the shortened form of "distillery." Not only does that give me a connection to my #1 fav - scotch, but it only is the essence of what I do. To distill something is to get it down to it's core, only the essentials. And that is what I do with your brand story film. I help you clarify your story. I help you get clear on your essentials and let go of the unnecessary mess that is weighing down your business and keeping you from your niche.  Also, there's that lovely little play on words. "Still," as in the still brand photos that I also offer. And I like the juxtaposition of the word "film" (making you think of motion) being beside "still." I may be a word nerd. :)

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