Basic Video Equipment | Branding Your Videos Series

camera equipment for videoing.

What equipment do you need to create your own branded videos?

1. A camera that captures video and audio.

Basically, that's it. Yes, there are some pieces that make filming insanely easier, but do you absolutely need them? Nope.

But what equipment makes filming your own videos easier?

1. A tripod.
Stacking your camera on books gets old. And who has that many books in that many widths to get it just where you want it? I mean, I'm a book nerd and I don't think I have the library to handle it.

2. A reflector
A reflector and a window work great to give you natural lighting that doesn't cost you an entire lighting set up. Plus, I'm lazy and don't want to have to set up all those lights every single time.

3. A lav mic
I'm suggesting a lav mic over any other type of mic you will buy simply because when you are making your branded videos for your business, I bet there will be at least a scene or two with you talking to the camera in an interview style set up. Lav mics are the ones you clip to your collar and work great for capturing your voice, but muffling out the other sounds.

Do you need to break the bank and rent out a studio to make your branded videos? NO! Use what you have and buy the extras when you can. Equipment does make it easier and gives you the ability to do things that you can't without it, but what makes a film is more about the story you are telling (your brand story) and the thought that goes into it.

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