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The most important reason to have a brand or promo film is to set your business apart.

a brand film sets your business apart from others

Take newborn photographers, for example. There are literally thousands you could choose from. When I google "Houston newborn photographer" I get 1,240,000 results. Seriously. 

Let's pretend I'm looking for a newborn photographer. -Which I most certainly am not because my last lovely child put a stop to the "I want a house full of kids!" phase. - Anyways, let's pretend. How am I supposed to know who to choose? How do I know which one I will like, whose personality will fit mine, and who I will trust with my baby? And don't even get me started on how I will know what kind of newborn photographer she even is! Natural light, in-home, in-studio, candid, posed, documentary.... There's no way I'm going to look through pages of listing and read each person's website.

This, my friend, is why your business needs a video. Because a person who isn't in your business doesn't know squat about your terminology. And with the average attention span of a goldfish, they aren't going to bother taking the time to read about it on your website. Unless you are one of the few listed on the first page of Google, it's unlikely that anyone is finding you easily. (Video also helps with your Google search ranking, by the way.)

Look at these two ladies. One is an in-studio photographer, working with gorgeous props and backdrops. The other is an in-home photographer, using natural light to create the beautiful images of your baby. They both create absolutely amazing photos. But only one of them is going to be who you are looking for in your newborn photographer. One will fit your style. One will make you pick up the phone and book an appointment. And you'll choose one of these over the hundreds of others you could pick, simply because you've seen them. You've heard them speak, seen their work, heard the passion in their voices. You know that they value their business because they've invested in it with a film. You know that this business isn't just a hobby. It's what they do. They are professionals.

Honestly, what appeals to you more? An about page that says,     
        "I'm a natural light photographer who loves babies. I capture tiny moments that pass us by."

Or a video that says this.....

And I can genuinely say that both of these ladies are amazing photographers and people. If you are in the market for some newborn photos, get in touch with one - or both, if you're feeling fancy!

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