Branded Video oR Brand Film? | Branding Your Video Series

Ever wondered exactly what a branded video is? Or how about a brand film?

With the From Bland to Branded Video course coming out in just over a week (EEEKK!) I thought that perhaps it was time to really make sure everyone understood what I mean when I say "branded video" and "brand film." There doesn't seem to be a set rule about how these are defined in the industry and so it can get a little tricky. Especially when the words brand, film, and video can be used as nouns or verbs and are often interchangeable.

Confuse you yet?


Brand Film

  • This is a big to-do.

  • This is what you hire a professional for.

  • It tells your brand story in all of it's glory. Around three minutes long and full of details, you are on camera talking about what you do and why you do it. There are creative scenes of b-roll footage overlayed with audio. There is behind the scenes footage, detail shots, interviews with you and maybe some past clients.

Branded Video

  • This one is something you can easily do yourself.

  • This is for the nutrition coach who wants to post weekly videos of her cooking her simple but nutritious recipes, for the pottery maker who wants to post an Instagram video of her creation process, or the make-up artist who wants to post make-up tips to her YouTube channel.

  • It's for creatives who want to give quick doses of information to their clients through video.


How are they the same?

  • Well, they both need to match your brand style to a t.
  • Videos and films that represent your business need to be treated with the same attention and respect that any marketing materials, blog posts, or social media interactions are. That means the same colors, logo, brand voice, and style need to appear in your video. Consistency is key.

How do you get started with creating your own branded videos?

You can scour the internet for some not that great information and figure it out yourself.

Or....You can sign up for my From Bland to Branded Video course that is starting in July! Much smarter, yeah? Sign up for the newsletter below and be in the cool crowd who gets the pre-launch pricing.

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