Business Survival or Business Joy? | Accepting it all

Sometimes when I like to zone out, I grab an old magazine and flip through the articles. I'm a magazine snob, choosing magazines that aren't yet main stream, magazines that are more coffee table books. Magazines that have real people writing real articles that I can connect with.
Not supermarket magazines. As much as I would love to run out and buy that $1500 outfit that makes that woman in the picture happy, I just can't. And as much as I appreciate the "love your body" articles inside the magazine, the fact that your cover girl is a foot taller than me, 20 pounds lighter than me, and you still airbrushed her thighs annoys the hell out of me. But that's another post for another day.

This morning was one of those days where I needed to zone out. My allergies are making real work impossible. So I grabbed my Heart magazine. I flipped open to an article written by Joanna Serth titled The Myth of Joy in Motherhood. While the article was written, obviously, about raising children, it struck a chord about building a business.

So many quotes online tell you about wonderful it will be to have your own business. So many Instagram posts celebrating working from your back porch overlooking the mountains. Women posting photos from the beach reminding you that when you work for yourself your whole life should be a vacation.  I hate those posts.

Because I always see those posts on days that I am falling apart. On days that it's pure survival mode trying to get out the 27 emails and edit those 4 films. I scroll past the "look at me being super happy working for myself" posts on days that I have nothing booked and feel like I will never have anything booked again. When I wonder if I'll ever be successful by everyone else's definition, whatever that is.

Yes, there are moments of joy. Moments when I believe my business will never stop growing and moments when I get an email from a client telling me how much they love the film. Moments when I can decide to go for a run, just because I can. Moments when I work from my bed and don't put on real pants all day long. Those moments are pure joy that comes only from working for myself.

But let's not ignore the survival mode moments. Everyone has them but pretends they don't. Every business struggles at some point. Every business owner thinks "what in the hell was I thinking" at some point. I think that at least twelve times a week. Get real. Owning your own business sucks sometimes.

We need these moments. We need to recognize these moments. Because then, when the joy comes, it'll be all that much sweeter. And when that happens, you can go post all about it on Instagram.  ;)

And because I'm a film nerd, here's a quick film I made of the gorgeous Heart Magazine the moment I opened it up. Told you I was a magazine snob.

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