Choosing a Location | Branding Your Videos Series

It's all about Location, Location, Location.

Choosing a location for your branded video.

Ok, so not really. But it is a pretty important part of your video. So, let's go through a couple of steps to decide where you want to film your branded videos.

1. So let's start with your two obvious choices - Indoor or Outdoor.

Outdoors gives you the option of beautiful scenery and gorgeous natural light. But, it comes with it's challenges as well. Audio can be more complicated, weather can be unpredictable, and the lighting can be harsh at certain times.

Indoor filming makes it easier to control your environment. You control the lighting, the background noise, and it's not going to rain on you.

2. If you chose indoor filming, how will you choose a room?

First rule...Your room must have at least one window. If you have a full lighting set up, you can skip this rule. But let's pretend that you're too lazy to get it all out and set up and plugged in. You need that window for natural light. Because overhead lighting stinks when it comes to videos. Do you really want that yellowy glow? Or how about those circles under your eyes from the light directly above your head? Or the dull eyes because you aren't getting catchlights in them? Nope. Didn't think so. So use the window and put your camera between you and the window. Bam. Beautiful light.

Second rule....Clean it up. Get rid of background clutter. Take random pictures off the wall. Move the cat liter box out of the scene! Really, please. I've seen this from someone famous, well, internet famous before. Leave the things that relate to your business or message. But get rid of the clutter.

Third rule...Remember your viewers won't see the entire room unless you want them to. You control how much people see. All you need is one little section. Just shove everything you don't need into another corner.

3. If you chose outdoor filming, where will it be?

First rule...Move away from the crowds. Don't pick a busy park. Don't sit outside a cafe. Other people will be distracting and you'll need some fantastic audio equipment to drown out the background noise.

Second rule...Clean it up. Get rid of any trash on the ground. Don't sit beside an ugly chain link fence. Pick a pretty spot.

Third rule...Watch the light. Overhead sun is worse than overhead indoor lighting. Look for open shade, but be careful of dappled lighting from trees.

Choosing a location to film your branded videos doesn't have to be daunting. You don't need a "real" studio. Just break it down into the easiest solution for you and make it work.

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