Choosing a Videographer for Your Business

How to choose a videographer for your business.

Choosing a videographer for your business is a bit different than choosing a videographer or photographer for personal things like a wedding or family photos.

A brand or business videographer needs to be able to mimic the style of your brand, not just showcase their style.

When you are choosing a videographer for your wedding, for example, you look through portfolios, blogs, and websites to find a style you love. You are hiring someone based on their style. But, when you are hiring someone for your brand, you are hiring based on your brand's style. Yes, you might get lucky and find someone who already matches your brand style, but what if you don't?

Well, lucky for you, I've made a quick list of things you need to look for when hiring a business videographer.

1. Look at their portfolio.
REALLY look at it. Do all of their films look the same? If they do, do those films match your brand style exactly? Because that may be all they can or are willing to do. Or, if all the films are different, is there one, or parts of some, that match your style? Maybe the music from one and the camera movements from another. Or the location or the artistic flow. As long as there are some aspects of your brand's style within a videographer's portfolio, you know that videographer can most likely create a film that syncs with your brand style.
Now, does this mean you shouldn't give a newbie a chance? Of course not! We all have been newbies at one time. But it does mean that you need to be able to see at least a little spark of something that rings true with your brand.

2. Look at the details.
Not the details of the film, but of the process. What is their timeline? What happens if they don't meet it? What if you need more filming time than originally planned? How many edit requests are you allowed? How specific can you be about the music you want to use? Where can you post your film after it is delivered? How is it delivered?

3. Look at their personality.
Look at the copy on their website. Does he seem like someone you want to work with? What about when you talk to her on the phone? Does the conversation feel like pulling teeth? You need this person to understand you and your business. You need to be able to communicate and feel like they will truly listen. If you don't get that feeling within the first phone call or meeting, don't think that you'll get it later. Sometimes people just don't click. Don't try to force it.

4. What do they do for you?
Besides making a film, what do they do to help you? Do they look over your script and make suggestions? Do they create inspiration boards with you or have you answer questionnaires? Do they offer hair and makeup services or styling help? Do you even want them to offer these things or would you rather them just show up with a camera?

A brand film can be a huge investment, I know. But that time and money invested in the correct videographer will lead to new clients and more money for your business. Over time, it is an investment that will pay for itself and then some. Make sure you take the time to really think about who you'll spend your time and money on. Do a little cyber-stalking if you must. (In a totally innocent not creepy peeping tom kind of way.)

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