Make a Video with only your Phone?

Making a Film with Only Your Phone

It's been a whirlwind and it's just now summer!  Between filming and editing gigs and trips that I couldn't stop taking, I've forgotten about my poor little blog. Granted, I did remember it, but didn't want to write. Is writing this hard for anyone else?


Last week there was a post in one of my FB groups asking if anyone had made a film with just their phone. Would it look professional? Would it be decent quality? What about the sound? I've had a few people ask me the same thing so I thought I would show a quick example.

Now, this is a family video. Taken with my Google Pixel. No mics, no lights, and no stabilization. And if you've got a janky phone from 1983, there's no way you're getting this kind of quality. But if you've got something a little more recent, say within the last two years, you'll be just fine using your phone.

Should you use your phone to record all of your business videos? Nope. But some? Sure! Because if I can make a video about Costa Rica with only my phone (and after all those free drinks at the resort)and have it turn out quite good, you can do the same.