Creating a Course for Branded Films | Why I decided to go for it

If you follow me on Instagram (uh, why wouldn't you be?), you have seen the hints about my new e-course coming out. It's for anyone wanting to incorporate video into their marketing plan, but who doesn't really know where to begin or how to make sure the video matches their brand. It's for any creative business owner - chef, designer, photographer, life coach......

Person editing a brand video on a laptop sitting at a desk outside.

Why I decided to help others brand their own videos

I was the photographer at my brother's a few months into having my own photography business and on a whim, decided to shoot video whenever I thought about it. My thinking was that no one knew what I was doing and it was for my brother, so no one could get mad if it turned out terrible. :) It was shaky footage, horribly out of focus, and mainly a photo slideshow with a few short clips thrown in and edited together in Animoto, but I fell in love.

I decided that perhaps I should actually learn something about what I was doing, so I took classes and courses and read lots of books. I turned my photo business into a family video business and found my niche. Telling stories was always the main goal of my photography, and now I could do it through motion and audio and music.

And then one day it just clicked...small businesses needed to be using video to market. We have stories to tell just like families do. We have passions and dreams and ideas that our ideal clients need to see. So I started another business - this one - that focuses solely on creating social media marketing videos for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses. I've had my business take off in the last few months and am so excited to see where it goes.

But, I know that videography is a huge investment. Undoubtedly worth it when you think about how many clients and moolah that film will bring to you, but when you are first starting out, it's a lot. I have definitely felt the pain of wanting and knowing that I needed something for my business to grow, but not having that much cash laying around to do it with.

So I decided to create a course that will help entrepreneurs create their own films. It's not just the simple techniques and mechanics of filming, but the props and details you use in your scenes as well. My goal with this course is to guide you through creating a film that matches your brand, looks professional, and connects you with your ideal clients.

Now I'm going to be straight with you. This course will not give you what you can get from hiring a videographer. It's just not possible. You can't be in the video and holding the camera at the same time. And this course isn't going to go in depth about settings and manual focusing and techniques that look fantastic, but require expensive gear to pull off.

But, if you want to create videos for YouTube giving out tips on hairstyles, show behind the scenes clips of you painting pottery for Facebook, or even post some videos on your blog of your training tips of the week, this course will get you there.

You can plan and style a video that will reflect your brand and connect with your clients.

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