Debuting Your Brand Film | How and When to Post your Video

You've decided to have a brand film created. But how do you build excitement around it and get the most bang for your buck?

Deciding to have a brand film made is a huge step. One that you'll never regret. As long as you get people to actually see your brand film. What's the use in having something no one sees, right?

You need to start promoting your film before your film ever comes out. Hollywood does it, book authors do it, course creators do it. And now you're going to do it too.

Lady in red reading a book.
  • Two Weeks Before Filming
    Announce that you've decided to create a brand film. Tell your audience why it's important to you to share your story.
  • One Week Before Filming
    Share photos of you working on your questionnaire or planning your script. (You should have these things done way before 1 week in advance, but remember to take photos and save them!)

  • Three Days Before Filming
    Have your social media audience vote on which outfit(s) you should wear. Remember to stand on brand and not to have too much noisy jewelry.

  • Day of Filming
    Post a picture of yourself all dolled up for your film. Talk about how excited you are! Remind everyone why you want to tell your story.
  • One Day After Filming
    Post a behind the scenes photo. Your videographer would love for you to share a photo of her in action and tag her in it. If she/he doesn't, then they totally aren't fun.

There you go! You've got some hype surrounding your brand film and you're ready to rock it. You'll film and be awesome and come away with an amazing film.


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