Determining Your Message | Branding Your Videos Series

What is Your Business Message?

Typewriter used to write out a business message.

Before you film, before you write a blog post, before you even post to Instagram, you need to decide what your message will be.

Are you trying to sell a course? Are you trying to get the reader to hire you? NOOOOOOO!

The purpose of your message is to show how your service or product helps the customer. How it makes their lives easier in some way.  Only then will you create a connection with your audience.

Let's take a look at Anna. She is a hair stylist and make-up artist who absolutely loves working with brides on their wedding day. Luxury brides with huge guests lists, ornate flower arrangements, and custom gowns are her ideal clients. But to attract those clients, she needs to stand out from all of the other hair and make-up artists out there. So she thinks about how she is different. Anna is a calming personality. On a day that is filled with nervous anxieties, worried details, and a bride who often is overwhelmed by it all, Anna is able to create a serene environment to help calm her. She brings candles and music. She shoos everyone away that is contributing to the overwhelm. Anna doesn't just make her bride look beautiful, she relaxes her, reassures her, and pampers her. That is what sets Anna apart. And that is the message that she needs to send to her potential clients. Anna makes the bride's wedding day easier by creating a calming environment.

Do you teach calligraphy workshops and want to create a video that advertises those? The message for your video will be about how much a student will learn in your workshop and what they can do with that new knowledge.

Are you a business coach wanting to use video to gain new clients? What about having a 30 second video of a business tip to post every week? You'll prove your smarts and potential clients will know they can trust you.

The ways you can use video for your business are endless. But without a clear message to guide your script, styling, and editing choices, the video won't bring in the ideal clients that you are looking for.


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