Four Questions to Tighten Up Your Brand Story

Great stories engage you, make you feel the feels, and keep you wanting more.

Your brand has a story all it's own and it's a story that potential clients want to hear.

four questions to ask to tighten up your brand story.

When you finally sit down to write out your brand story, start by asking yourself a few questions. Scribble down the answers and then start your editing. Your story should flow, should make sense, and should hit all the highlights of what you'd want people to know if you were only able to talk to them once.

I love reading a client's brand story before getting to work on their brand film. A well thought out and creatively written brand story makes me want to cheer them on and gives me a connection to them. I understand who this brand is and I know automatically if I love them or just feel "meh" about them.

Don't be meh. Craft a cool story.

1. How did you start?
What was the turning point that made you take the step to starting your business? Did you wake up in the middle of the night with a grand idea? Or maybe something frustrated you one too many times and you finally decided to come up with your own fix. Or are you just so good at something that people kept asking you for help and you finally decided to make it a business?

2. Why do you exist?
What is the purpose of your brand? Yes, the purpose for you is to make money, but what is the purpose that pertains to others? Do you give a shirt to homeless shelters for every shirt purchased in order to help the struggles of homeless women? Do you help new businesses plan their social media content in order to take some of the pressure off and up the chance of success in their businesses?

3. What makes you different?
Why should anyone choose you? So many others work in the same field as you, but what is it that makes your business different than others? Do you offer custom details? Free phone consultations? A massage after every business coaching session? Whether it's tiny or big, what do you do differently?

4. How are you growing?
This part of your story doesn't necessarily need to be public, but knowing the direction your business is going, and the direction you want it to go, allows you to understand what you can do to help your clients. If you don't want to grow any larger than you are now, you can't plan your business around growing. If you want to help people around the world, you know to plan for online courses or traveling workshops.

How do you feel about your brand story now? Do you have a clearer picture of who your business is? Leave a comment or send me an email telling me your brand story. I can't wait to hear!

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