Getting Clear on Your Ideal Clients | Branding Your Videos Series

Before you can even think about creating a branded video, you must get clear on your ideal client.  The person you would choose to work with if you could choose anyone at all. Your dream person.

There have been so many articles, workshops, and books written about the subject, that I am not going to hash out everything I've ever read. There's no need to. It boils down to a few basic questions. Yes, you can dig deeper, and you should. But start with these. Grab a drink, piece of paper and pen, and get to writing.

Five Questions to ask about your ideal client. From The Film Still, a brand media company.


5 Questions to Ask About Your Ideal Client

1. Male or Female?
Don't tell me it doesn't matter. It does. Just because you know you have a preference. Yes, there will be some overlap, and yep you probably can work with either one with ease, but who would you rather work with? Male or female?

2. Age? Narrow it down to a span of 3-5 years.
No matter what anyone says, there is a difference when working with age spans. Yeah, I know, some people are old souls. But in general, what ages do you like to work with best?

3. Family Status?
Married, single, dating a long term other, kids? What is his/her family life like? This matters because moms often have a set of values than casually dating men. Singles and couples go out more often than new parents. Newlyweds saving for a first home have less money to spend than a single woman working a corporate job while hustling to start her own creative business on the side.

4. What are his/her core values?
Here's where things start getting tricky. Does your dream client value adventure or routine? Authenticity, image, control, dependability, attention to detail.... the list goes on and on. Find the three core values that your ideal client holds dear. Word of warning - don't mix these up with your business core values. Business values and personal values can be different. And you are not always your ideal client. For instance, I'm an OCD control freak. Me - and my business - value attention to detail. But my ideal client is not OCD about these tiny details and trusts me to make those decisions. If I had me for a client, I'd fire me. So remember, think about who you want to work with. Not who you are.

5. Why does he/she hire you?
What is it that makes your ideal client hire you? Your style? Your friendliness? This is going to cross over with his core values, but tell me, what is it that pushes him over the edge to purchase what you sell?