5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Video Editor

how to hire a video editor article.

You've started making videos. Yay!
Editing those videos sucks the life out of you. Boo.

When you finally decide to take back your time so you can spend it on content creation and video filming, you need to hire an editor. And, man, does that come with a lot of questions. Do you hire someone for one video or for multiples? Does it really make a difference in what software they use? Eh. Yes, and no. But let's start with 5 huge questions you need to ask before you hire an editor.

1. Look through the editor's portfolio.
Do you like the editor's style? Do they show a diversity in styles or are you going to get justone style? If you want a natural look, don't choose someone who's portfolio only shows videos with lots of graphics and fast zooms and a matte black and white finish.

2. What is their timeline?
Are you going to get the video back in time for your planned launch? Do they take on lots of projects at a time or a select amount of clients during each time period. Make sure you both understand when the video needs to be done and if it can be done - even after revisions - on time.
My clients know how far in advance I need the footage so that they can have their optional 3 edit revisions and still get their finished video ahead of their deadline. Be very clear in your needs and expectations for when you need your video.

3. There is a contract, right?
Because there absolutely must be. For both your and the editor's sake, you need a contract that outlines how many edit revisions you get, whether or not music licenses come with the price, when you'll get the finished file and how the video will be delivered to you. Get a contract. Read it.

4.  Remember, they are working what you give them.
Don't expect miracles if you have super shaky footage, clips that cut off audio, dogs barking in the background, and out of focus videos. An editor can stabilize some, clean up audio a little, add in your logo files and match transitions to the music beats, but we can't work miracles.
I had a client ask for me to add dramatic lighting, slow motion graphics, and a video sequence where the person in the video disappears. All of that could be done, but not without the footage being filmed with those ideas in mind.

5. And to that end, you get what you pay for.
Yeah, you can hire an editor on Fiverr or Craigslist and if you have perfect footage and want a simple edit, then you're probably going to be ok. And I'm not saying there aren't some amazing editors on those sites. There are. But a person who offers to edit your video for significantly lower than all other quotes, remember, some things are too good to be true.

Get back your time. Stop wanting to throw your computer out the window when editing day rolls around. Find a video editor to work with to simplify your video creation process.

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