How to Put Your Videos on Instagram

Instagram only allows you to upload photos and videos from your phone. But there is a way to upload things you have on your computer as well!

an article detailing how to post videos from your computer to instagram written by houston videographer, the film still.

One of the most frequent questions I get asked after I turn over a brand film to a client is how to get that film onto Instagram.
If you make a film on your phone, easy peasy. You just upload it from your phone's photo and video gallery. But what if you have a film that you had professionally done or that you created yourself with your DSLR? What then?

If you have an Instagram scheduler, then you can use that (usually only on a paid account!) to post your videos from your computer, but what if you don't?

There are a few ways you can do it, but I'll let you in on the easiest way I've found to get a video from your computer to your Instagram account.

The easiest way to get videos from your computer posted on Instagram.

  1. Go to and set up a Dropbox account on your computer. You can get a personal account on Dropbox for free and it has enough space to hold videos. Also, if you use this link to sign up for the free account, you'll get an additional 500mb of space added. (I'll also get extra storage space, fyi.)
  2. Now download the Dropbox app to your phone and sign in to your account. This is the same sign in and password that you set up on the computer account.
  3. Upload the video file from whatever source to your computer Dropbox account. My files are delivered to clients through Vimeo. So clients go to Vimeo, download the video, then upload that file to Dropbox. If you've created your own video and have the file sitting on your computer somewhere, you'll upload the file to Dropbox from there.
  4. Open your phone Dropbox app and see your video!
  5. Click on the three tiny dots on the right hand side of the file name. This will give you options of what to do with the video file. Click Export. You'll get another set of options. Choose Save to device. This will save the video to your phone's gallery.
  6. Open up Instagram, push the little post button, and then wala! Your video is now in your phone's gallery and able to be uploaded directly to Instagram.

Now sit back and watch those "likes" rack up!

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