Ideas for Adding Video to Your Business Marketing

how to come up with video topics for your business marketing

Using video to market your business can be overwhelming for so many different reasons. How to set it up? Where to post it? When to post it? How to edit it? The list goes on.

But where a lot of us get stuck is at the very beginning. What are you even supposed to do a video about?


Short Answer: Make a video about anything you'd talk or blog about.


Yeah, I know that's totally generic and probably not at all helpful.

So let's think about your business. What is your business about? What services or products do you provide? Now what can you tell people about your services and products?

How can you Educate?

You want to choose topics that you are passionate about AND that will help your ideal client. Just because you know a lot about cats and like talking about cats, it doesn't mean your ideal client is going to want to watch a video about cats.

Because I'm a smidge OCD about things, I came up with a worksheet to help you organize your thoughts.

Sit down for 10 minutes and fill out this worksheet with anything and everything you can think of. And then, where those three categories intersect - that's where the magic happens. That's where your video topics come from.


how to brainstorm video topics for your business

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