Letter to my Kids | April 2017

Each month I join a group of moms who write letters to their kids. This month, after you read my letter, hop over to Holli's blog to read hers.

A letter to my kids written by Houston videographer

How is it already April? I swear it was two days ago when I wrote the March letter to you guys. Our days have started blending together, becoming one long stream of work and school and snacks and cleaning. We had fun over Spring Break, but it didn't last long enough. Coming back into the real world was jarring for us all. I think perhaps we need a week long vacation every month.

      I took you guys with me on a field trip with the school I teach at. You got to meet my students and see how we all interacted with each other. Blue, you couldn't believe how loud the kids were. Your school is all about quiet and order. My school is about learning and individuality. If my school taught y'all's grades, you would be coming there with me.

     Y'all both have had some roughness at school. Blue's came first and he's worked through it. But Anna, you're in the midst of it right now. You don't want to go to school anymore and even this morning you tried to get out of going despite it being a field trip day. Boys are being mean and it's hurting you. But I won't let you stay home and I won't let you back down. Eventually, you will take my advice when I tell you to fight back. Screw ignoring it. Screw letting them have fun at your expense. You fight back. You show them that their words don't matter to you because you are stronger and smarter and better than anyone who picks on someone else.

Blue, you had your field day this month, too. And you better remember how much I love you because I sat through two hours in the sun and got burned beyond belief for you.

     During a much needed spring break we went to Arkansas with Mimi, Pappy, Cody, Melissa, Kimber, Kurtis, Paula, Taylor, and Haley. It couldn't have come at a better time. We were burned out. We were tired. We needed a reason to get away and do nothing but eat junk food and have fun. Blue, you were thrilled to ride the dirt bike with Cody and you didn't waste a second telling me how fast you two went when you got back. You got motion sickness the first day there and we had to pull over three times driving back home. Anna, you spent time loving on Kimber and riding with Pappy. You slept on the couch and made up the beds.

When I stop and think, I can remember all of the things we've done this month and I love them all. I hope we all remember to slow down and to remember the little things that make up our lives. The little things make up the big things and we can't forget.

I love you guys.