Letter to my Kids | August 2017

*Each month I join a great group of moms and we write letters to our kids. Funny, happy, sentimental, ranting, raving.... we lay it all out there. So today, after you read my letter, please hop over to Kaylon's blog to read hers and see the gorgeous photos. Keep going around until you come back to me!

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Oh Lordy. It's been a month for the books. From school shopping to getting teeth pulled to in-service to an eclipse to a hurricane. It's been busy and hectic and overwhelming and exhausting. We got so lucky that the hurricane and flooding didn't hit us. Tornadoes were close and houses all around were flooded, but we were safe and dry.

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Dear B,
     Earlier this month I was watching tv and you and A came screaming down the stairs yelling, "Oh my gosh you have to look at this!" B, you pulled down your bottom lip and lo and behold you had a tooth growing behind your other teeth. Talk about gross looking! I told you that you had been watching too many shark shows (sharks grow two rows of teeth....) and immediately called the dentist. I figured you were going to have to have the baby tooth pulled and I was right.
     Poor B. You did so good. No crying even after the three shots you got in your gums. No crying even though I about passed out watching them get out the torture device to wedge your tooth out. And no crying when you came down from the laughing gas and just wanted to eat even though you had to wait for hours. And no straws for a week. Which meant no milkshakes....
     I make you practice guitar every day you are with me. And every day you ask if you can quit. But no. Because you're good. You feel the beat. You're picking it up faster than I ever thought you would. And so no, dear child, you are stuck playing the guitar. You'll thank me later when you have all the girlfriends because of it.
     And then when we went to meet your new first grade teacher, you were so much more interested in school.  Of course, it helped that you have a young pretty teacher with long hair. You do have a thing for girls with long hair. You were really excited to start school and were sad when school got put off for another week because of the flooding.
     Your inventions are getting wilder and more practical all at the same time.  Making me a floating cooler with pool noodles and tupperware has to have been the best one yet. You wake up thinking of things to build. This morning your first words to me were, "What if you lived in an apartment on the bottom floor and your friend lived on the top floor and they were going on vacation so you had to feed their cat. You wouldn't want to walk up all those stairs every day. Well, I know how to make a feeder that you wouldn't have to walk up for." Your brain never stops. And neither does your mouth. :) You watch Lowe's building videos on YouTube and Mom Hacks too. You've told me one too many times that I'm folding my towels wrong or that I only need to buy one tank top to have three different shirts.
     I love your brain and your street smarts. Don't every lose the curiosity, kiddo.

Dear A,
    You were the star of the show on eclipse day. You grabbed a shoe box and a cereal box and went to town making viewers. And they worked! So proud of you for taking it upon yourself to find the instructions and follow them. I was too lazy. And it was cloudy, of course, but we still got to see it in spurts. Give you a set of instructions and you can follow them to a t.
     You are excited about school but sad that your friends aren't in your class. You are more willing to go than I thought you would be, considering that you wanted to home school again by the end of last year. We forgot to go see your switch teacher at Meet the Teacher. Not sure how that happened, but after filling in about 47 forms for the second year of the exact same information, I'm pretty sure I just wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. I mean, I just wanted to keep your switch teacher a surprise so you'd have something to look forward to on the first day of school. Yeah, it was planned....
     You and B are arguing like maniacs. I even sent B to Henderson for a weekend so the two of you could have some time alone. You and I watched movies and ate out all weekend and I'm pretty sure you even started and finished a book because you had silence in the house. It was fun and much needed to get to spend time with just you.
     I think you're in the middle of finding yourself. Or maybe you're just lazy. You've started a novel, a blog, a YouTube channel... They all entertain you for about two weeks and then you're done. Your attention span for things you have to actually work on has gone kaput. But give you a good book and you'll ignore the world for the day. You've read through more than I can count and a trip to Barnes and Noble is a treat. We've got to start going to the library instead or I'm going to go broke!
     You are the book smarts to B's street smarts. If you two can figure out how to get along, you'll survive anywhere.

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