Letter to my Kids | July

Each month I join a group of moms to write letters to out kids. After you read my letter, hop over to Holli's blog to read her letter. You can keep reading around the circle until you get back to me!


June has been a loooong month. Our first full month of no school and we are getting a little stir crazy. Luckily, June included Cooking Camp with Nonna for a week, so that helped us all. We've had friends over lots and gone to the pool and are now raising tadpoles. Thanks Meme.

It was your first year at cooking camp and I hear you did great. You even called the first night and told me that you liked stromboli now and pineapple upside down cake. I have no idea how Nonna got you to eat that, but I hope you stick with the trying things. So many nights you are making yourself a sandwich because you don't like what I cook. Even when it's a meal that you ate literally one week ago. You like to remind me that your dad told you that taste buds change over time. I'm pretty sure the point of his story was that you should try things again even if you didn't like them a long time ago. It backfired though, and you use that tidbit of info to get out of eating things I know you like.
You went to Daniella's birthday party last week. She's the little girl who liked you all throughout kindergarten. I asked you what we should buy her and you said, "Well, she likes cute things.....like me....." I suggested a framed photo of you, but you weren't going for it. It took you a bit to warm up to the kids you hadn't seen in a month, but once you did, there was no stopping you.
Yesterday we sat around watching old videos of you that I had taken on my phone. We laughed. A lot. You've always been the nutty kid that you are now. The same facial expressions, the same ridiculous accents, the same made up songs. You're hilarious and I hope you never stop being you. (Except on those days when you ask too many questions and you won't stop talking and I just want to sit and watch Pretty Little Liars. On those days, be you, but a much quieter version of you, please.)

Your third (fourth?) year of cooking camp was once again a success. You have always been so independent, so giving you ingredients and telling you to cook is the perfect recipe (Ha, ha. See what I did there?!) for success.
We dyed your hair again this year - and my hands, but that's another story. I love that you like to be wild and crazy and do what you want even when other people think it's a bad idea. You almost didn't do it because a friend said that you shouldn't, but you finally decided you didn't care what she thought and you did it anyways. And of course, then she decided she wanted to dye her hair too. Don't let other people scare you out of doing something, because everyone wants to be as brave and independent as you. I promise.
We've bonded over Pretty Little Liars this month. Granted, it's not the most appropriate show out there for someone your age, but I send you out of the room when necessary, so it's good. Parenting at it's finest. It's fun to be able to watch a real show with you and get a glimpse of the relationship we will have when you're older. I can't wait for the teenage years. Weird, I know, but I can't wait to see who you are going to turn out to be. Just like I hope Blue never changes his craziness, I hope you never hide your independent streak or let other people make decisions about who or what you should be. You are awesome. That will never change.

This month I let you guys take over some of the filming and let's just say I need to teach you both how to get a more flattering angle!