Letter to my Kids | June

*Every month(ish) I join a group of much more organized moms to write letters to our kids. This month I'm writing about last month (not confusing at all!).


Dear Kids,

Man, it's been so busy! These past two months have been insanely crazy, but in a great way.

In April, your dad planned a trip to Costa Rica and you guys had your first airplane ride to your first foreign country. We saw sloths and a beautiful beach. We ate amazing food in town and found the best buffet food at the resort. We attempted to snorkel, but you both backed out and decided to just buy trinkets in town instead. We spent hours in the resort pool, hours watching really bad shows and musicals at the resort, and hours doing absolutely nothing. It was amazing.

At the end of May school let out and I'm still wishing y'all had gone to school a few weeks later. I only had three days off before you guys came home! But, you two did go straight to Grand Camp that following weekend. It was Blue's first year and Anna's last. Not sure how Nonna has done it all these years, but kudos to her.

Dear Blue,
You survived kindergarten! It was iffy the first few months, but you have come out so far beyond what we expected. You were pulled into a class for extra help for the first 9 weeks, but now.... you test above average for every class. You read two levels higher than what is required, and your favorite books are non-fiction. You made so many friends - mostly girls, and have already told me that you are kind of sad that you won't be going to school this summer. You've even picked out what you will take on the first day of first grade to show everyone - your rocks. Excuse me, your gemstones. Your fake gemstones you dug out of one of those $12 dig out the rocks kit. Oh! And you lost your first tooth. You had been working at that tooth for a while. You really wanted some more money for your bank. You've even told me that maybe it wouldn't be so bad to break off some teeth because then you would have to get gold teeth and the tooth fairy would for real give you more money for those. You and your ideas are going to get you into serious trouble one day.

Dear Anna,
I'm not sure when you decided you needed to skip the tweens and go straight to the moody attitude filled teenager but you need to rethink that idea. We are still fighting over your ukulele lessons. You're so good, but man do you hate to practice. Trying to get you to understand that the most rewarding things you'll do are going to be the hardest for you is near impossible. Because you know everything, of course. :/ You finished third grade with all A's, of course. With your highest scores in math and science. You get that from your daddy. Definitely not from me. You art skills are really ramping up and you love when you have time to paint on some canvas. Hopefully this summer will be full of free time for you to paint and create.

I love you guys and hope with all that I have that all three of us make it out of this summer alive. Twenty four hours a day together is a lot of hours a day together!

Love, Mom