Letter to my Kids | March 2017

*Each month I join with a group of women to post a letter that I have written to my kids. It's an easy way for me to remember our moments from the past month and to turn them into a keepsake for my kids when they get older. After you finish my letter, hop over to Holli's blog and read hers!

Letter to my kids by a Houston videographer.

I feel like I haven't seen you in ages. For the last two weekends you've been in Henderson living it up. Y'all had a blast, but are exhausted. You spent the first weekend with Mimi and Pappy, digging in the dirt and decorating the new shop office. I got lots of photos sent to me showing me all of the dangerous things you were doing, like climbing on the roof. This past weekend you guys went with your dad to celebrate Mason's 16th and Pop's 60th birthday. I hear it was a wild and fun party too.

At school this month you had one week of craziness. There were tornado warnings and y'all had to "shelter in place" for an entire morning. Then there was a burglar in the neighborhood and you guys went into lock down. Somehow the burglar turned into a wild boar in the stories going around school. Anna, you got off the bus and immediately told me all about the wild boar that was running around the school so y'all had to go into lock down. You kids are nuts.

Anna printed her Valentine's cards from Pinterest and Blue chose Grumpy Cat cards from Target. Blue, you had to write your name 21 times on 21 cards and you were not happy about it. Anna, you had to paint starts and stick Starbursts on 18 cards. Much easier. Somehow I got conned into buying stuffed animals for Valentine's Day. A gigantic sloth and a fuzzy Octopus that Blue swears is a squid and pronounces "squuud."

I snuck y'all out of school one Friday and took you on a field trip with my school. We went to the Crocodile Adventure place and I watched y'all feed tortoises and emu and squeal over the cute baby pigs. It was fun letting y'all meet the people I am around so much.

Maybe because of how much y'all have been gone lately, or just because it's the month of love, but this month I've missed y'all more and enjoyed y'all more than I ever have. I can't wait for next month. We have trips planned and lazy days scheduled in. It's going to be amazing.


Love, Mom