Letter to my Kids | November 2017

 *Each month I join a group of ladies who write letters to their kids. This month, read my letter and then hop over to Holli's blog to read her letter.


Dear Kids,

     November was hard for me. It was my first real holiday without you guys. Last year your dad and I spent the holidays together as much as we could, but this year I felt that maybe it was time to do things independently. To embrace the different sides and different celebrations of our family. To start living our new lives in a forward facing manner instead of feeling like we must be stuck in the same patterns and traditions that we had before.
     I spent the day before Thanksgiving with you two and our friends. Our Friendsgiving was full of fun and food and was a reminder that even in the really hard parts of live, we can and should still celebrate and love what we have. You guys spent Thanksgiving with your dad and his family and I spent it watching great crappy tv and eating pie all day.
     The month as a whole was slow and easy. You guys had dentist appointments and have somehow convinced the dentist that you brush your teeth twice a day and floss every night. I think y'all just got lucky with good teeth. You've painted houses and had night time races. You've read books and created projects. You've ridden bikes and yelled at each other at the park. We've watched good movies and insanely bad ones. We didn't make it twenty minutes in Cowboys vs Dinosaurs, but we tried. But we always come back to center.  To each other. And that's what matters.  You had a few football and cheerleading games and you are both just blah about it. Neither of you will be too sad when it's over. And honestly, I wont either. It takes up my whole Saturday!


     You're 10! It's crazy how much you've grown lately. I got some fast pictures of you after finishing up Kimber's birthday session and when I pulled them up onto the computer, I was shocked at the face I saw. You're getting so old. I can see who you are going to be. Can we please skip the teen years, though? And let's chat about that hair. I'm going to force you into a haircut soon. I think you like driving me nuts with it. Leaving it down in your face non-stop. Or maybe we can negotiate a two day a week you let me fix it kind of deal. I don't know. But we have to figure out something before I sneak in and cut it while you sleep.
     Your birthday was low key, spent with family and friends. You watched movies outside and played in the dark. And at the last minute I was able to sort of pull off a unicorn flower cake. It definitely wasn't professional level, but at least you could tell what it was!
     School is taking over our lives. You had field day. Which by the way I had to take off twice for because it was rescheduled the morning of the original date and then to top it all off, you decided to participate in two activities. Two. I took off two days to watch you in two activities. Kid.  You joined student council too. So yay for you being all involved. And yay for me having to get you to school at 7am for the meetings. (There really needs to be a sarcasm font.)  You were in a spelling bee and did really well. You qualified to be one of the 15 contestants out of about 950 students. You can in 10th, but only two other 4th graders beat you. I am so proud of you. I would have been so nervous and you didn't even bat an eye. You got up there and did your best and even when you lost, it was no big deal. I remember a time when losing would have caused tears for days. We've come a long way. 


     You are now considering becoming an engineer instead of just an Army man and wild cat rescuer. Army man first, wild cat rescuer next, and then an engineer. You built a fort outside the weekend of Anna's birthday. You wouldn't let me see until you were done, and I was expected some little janky thing, but man, I was wrong. You  had a hanging shelf for you  mosquito repellent, a fence, and a chair. And a skateboard. Not sure what that was for, but I've learned not to ask too many questions.
     You stay sick, man. Twice this month you were throwing up and spent days recovering. You got sick on the way home from Thanksgiving with your dad and even though you were a trooper like always, you spent a week between throwing up, trying to go back to school, and then heading back to the dr. I really hope you grow out of this soon.
     You still hate waiting on Anna during ukulele lessons. You talk nonstop the minute you get off the bus. You collect everything - coins, dollars, rocks, receipts. Seriously. Anything that catches your eye, you decide to collect. It's getting to be a problem. You have an NFL shirt that you would like to wear everyday and your goal is to make it through the school year without wearing a jacket or pants. I've forced you into a jacket so far and there were tears pouring at the bus stop for it. Soon, it will get cold and you'll have to wear pants. I'm not looking forward to that day!

I love you guys!

Michelle RoycroftComment