Letter to my Kids | October 2017

Each month (when I remember!) I join a group of moms to write a letter to my kids. Sometimes they are long and sappy, other times it's just a miracle I've remembered it at all. This is one of those months. :)
After you've read my letter and watched my video, hop over to Holli's blog to catch up on her life with her kiddos. Her photos are always beyond amazing.


Dear kids,

This has been a hard month. Our family has gone through so many changes this past year and sometimes it's just too much to handle. So I've kept us busy, mainly for my own sake. Birthday parties, concerts downtown with friends, a coconut experiment, and a Friday the 13th prank worthy of an award. (You two may not agree with me on what kind of award it should get! Lol.)

But, at the end of the day, we are a family full of fun and laughter and those moments outweigh the bad. So for this letter, let's just remember that. No matter what, we are a family and that gets us through everything.

Love, Mom