Letters to my Kids | February 2017

*Each month I join in with a great group of moms to write letters to our kids. It's a way to remember the fun and maybe not so fun moments that make up our lives. When you're done reading my letter, please hop over to Holli's blog to read hers.

A letter to my kids by houston film maker.

Dear Kids,

Well, we've made it another month with no one beating each other up or getting locked in closets. I survived the Whole 30 without having a nervous breakdown and you guys survived the weird groceries I tried to make you eat and having to eat your sweets in hiding. Win-win.
I tried to be a little more relaxed this month and I think it worked. We've gone bowling, had lots of park dates, had extra friends playing at the house, and even had some serious art projects going on. The weather has been oddly warm, so we've been out a lot and I think it has helped keep us from going stir crazy.

Blue, you've had one bout of sickness again that came from no where. It's like your body just can't handle any tiny little germ, so it decides that throwing it all up is the way to protect you from it. Luckily, you're so used to it that you handle it well. You don't even ask for help. You are so much better than your sister at being sick.
I've been worried about you at school because you always seem so miserable when I come up to your class to read. So lately, I've been making you say, "I'm going to have a great day!" every morning before school. And we talk about which friend you will ask to play with you at recess. As odd as it sounds, you do so much better on the days that you go in with a plan to have fun.

Anna, you've had a mysterious cough that lasted weeks and through rounds of medication. Shockingly, it went away the day I told you that I was absolutely done with listening to you cough. Perhaps it was a habit that was getting you attention....
You've decided to write a play. You've decided on characters and the general idea of the play. But that's about it. You also started a novel at the end of last year. That one didn't go to far either. You lack the discipline to finish them. I lack the discipline to make you finish them. So we've got spirals full of half finished stories around here. No biggie. Spirals are cheap and it keeps you occupied for a few hours. 

It's been a good month. Just the small every day moments that end up making memories. Nothing big or special, but good. I made a little movie for y'all to remember the month by.

Love you guys.