The One Thing You Need for Your Business Video

I was a guest speaker a bit ago at a meeting meant for people wanting to add video to their businesses in some way. I had my nifty handouts. I had my playlist of example business videos. I was good to go. I began my shpeel and was on a roll when the leader of the meet up asked me a question.

"What would you say is the most important thing about making videos? If you could only suggest one thing for business videos, what would it be"

a desktop with a camera and computer planning a video

Way to throw me for a loop there, man. But luckily, being set in my ways and passionate about the way I do things, I had the answer within seconds.


You must have a purpose for your business videos.

Before you think about what you'll say, before you set up your camera. You have to know why you're bothering to make the video. Do you want someone to call you? Do you want to gain trust with your viewers? Do you want to entertain them? Why are you making the video for your brand?

Knowing your purpose will drive every part of your film. It will help you decide which key words to use when you talk. Help you know what call to action to put at the end of your video. It will help you stay on track and not end up talking about orange juice instead of selling your services.

So forget the fancy camera, the lighting set up, and the best microphone. You don't absolutely have to have the best of everything. Use what you have. And just focus on your purpose.

Without a purpose for your business video, it's pointless.

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