Thoughts on my First Live Video | live video for business

Well, I did it. I sucked it up and made a live video for Facebook today.
And I didn't die.

Making my first facebook live videos

I'm going to get very vulnerable with you here in this post and you aren't allowed to make fun of how sad my Facebook business page is. It's embarrassing how much I've done nothing with FB, but it is what it is. And we all start somewhere. So, yeah.

Let's look at some facts.
•My Facebook page has been ignored since the beginning of time. Or since the beginning of my Facebook page which is about a year ago. I focused on Instagram and I get 90% of my inquiries from there. I get none from Facebook. Is that because my ideal clients aren't on Facebook, or is it because my page sucks big ones? Probably both.
•I rarely post to Facebook. I just don't. No excuse other than I'm lazy.
•My posts, on average, get seen by basically no one. Last post before the video was seen by 41 people, before that 12, before that 97. Makes sense since I have maybe 83 followers. Though they are awesome followers.

Now.... within two hours, that Facebook Live video that lasted all of 1:30 and had some rambling and bad lighting, had reached 87 people, been watched by 20, and had 5 likes and 2 comments. Is that great compared to other business pages? Nope. Is it great compared to what mine has been?

Heck, yeah.

Does it make me get excited for more live videos? Make me less weirded out by the thought of being on camera? Make me feel like perhaps I should do what I tell my clients to do and just make videos for Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and where ever else you can put a video? Does it give me an excuse to finally buy all those little phone camera gadgets I really want but had no use for before this?

Again.... yep.

So the basic gist of this post.... Just make a dang video. It will suck (probably) and feel weird (definitely) and you may need a drink beforehand (and after for celebration). But just do it. Cause if I can, you totally can.

Take a look at this awesomeness right here.... and also go like my Facebook page because it needs love. No shame in begging....