Using Video in Your Marketing

How to create a video marketing strategy

The people who have a clear marketing goal for their videos get better results. Simple as that.


Video has to be integrated into your marketing plan. It needs to support your Big Business Goal and also have a smaller goal all on it's own. It can't be something that you throw up on social media or your website and just leave it there for whoever to see whenever they get around to it. Video is too much of an investment in time and money to be all willy nilly.


How can you begin to determine your video marketing goals?

An FYI here. I like to work in six week increments with my clients because it  gives us time to measure the results of the videos and adjust the approach if necessary and still have time to meet their quarterly goals.


Let's think about a few things first.

  1. What is one thing that you want to accomplish in your business in the next six weeks?
       Is it to add a certain number of newsletter subscribers? To sell 75 new products? To book 4 new coaching clients?


  2. Now determine how many videos you will be using in the next six weeks.
      A good starting point is about one video per week. So, let's pretend  you've decided on 1 per week, which equals 6 total videos.


  3. Ok, now look at your Big Goal and come up with 6 smaller goals that support that Big Goal.
       Let's say your Big Goal was to get 4 new coaching clients. What kind of marketing sales funnel can get you to that goal?
       Well, do a video explaining your process to educate and create trust. Do another video giving out a free download when
      they sign up for your newsletter. Put together a blooper reel so potential clients can see you personality, automatically
      weeding out those people you won't mesh with and don't want to work with and connecting with your ideal client.

  4. Each smaller goal now becomes an individual goal for a video.
     Those smaller, and hopefully measurable, goals that lead up to the Big Business Goal are what become the basis for your videos. Having this goal helps you create a script, plan shots, determine when and where to post the videos. I'm telling you.....without ONE super specific goal for your video, you're making your video life so much harder.

  5. Input the individual goals into your marketing calendar to see when you need to meet each.
    Does one need to come before the other? Do you need to build trust before you can get them to sign up for a newsletter?


create goals for your marketing videos

You've got your video marketing strategy all figured out and you're ready to start filming!

how to use video in your marketing

Want to talk about how you can use video in your marketing strategy?

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Video is an amazing tool to engage viewers and create a connection between your business and your ideal clients. But without a clear strategy, it can be a waste of both money and time.
And no body has time for that.

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