Victoria Garcia Studios - Behind the Scenes

A behind the scenes brand film done in houston of Victoria Garcia Studios

We can't remember how or why or really even when, but we do know that we met through a mutual friend and that we hit it off.

She stuck with me in the pouring rain during one of my many misadventures and she's risked her life to hold a sparkler for my video. Which was a terrible idea, as evidenced by the burn marks on my bench.

She knows way too many of my secrets and just the other day got a text from me telling her where I was going "just in case I disappear and she wants to be on 20/20 as the last person who heard from me." I'm so awesome I think about my friends' 15 mins of fame even while going into a dumb and dangerous situation. :)

So I was more than excited to have Victoria from Victoria Garcia Studios shoot my brand photos that are all over this website and let me film her for a behind the scenes video. Let me tell you. If you're in Houston and want some amazing brand photos, go to her. It's not just a show up and get your pictures taken kind of thing. Her studio is set up as a blank space with different little areas that you can customize to look like your own.

She brings in flowers and helps you pick out props. SHE EVEN HANGS YOUR OWN PHOTOS ON HER WALL TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE YOUR OFFICE! I haven't even gotten around to hanging my photos on my own walls. :/

Take a look at her video and then head to Victoria Garcia Studios to look at her amazing photography. She even does product photography, hint, hint.

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