Video Scripts for Your Business

Figuring out what to say in your business video can be hard. You have so much you want to say and no idea how to say it. You can't be too wordy, but you can't leave things out. So how do you know what to say? How do you make it easier? Well let me help you out!

getting ready to write a video script for a brand film

•When you're writing your script, start with the purpose of the film. To tell why people should buy your products or services. To show them why you are a better brand to buy. Everything you say will guide people to the decision that they should buy from you. Basically, what are you even making the video for?

•Next make a list of your adjectives to sprinkle throughout the script. These adjectives are what you want people to think about your brand. The more precise adjectives you use, the more people feel what you are saying. Back up in words what you will show in the video.

•Now, start writing in paragraphs. Don't get bogged down with what needs to be said in what order. You can always, and probably will, change that up in post. 

Answer these questions...
Who are you?

Why did you create your brand?

Why is your brand different?

How will a client's life change after buying your service or product?

What do you believe about your industry that you are changing or supporting?

Go crazy answering these questions. They might take you down a different road. If it opens up something else you want to say, then great! And anything that you feel like you need to say, even just phrases, write down. Once you get these ideas written out you can edit and hone what you want to say.

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