What is a Brand, Anyways? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

A brand is just a fancy name for your logo, right?..... NO!

So many times I hear people talking about their brand or having their branding done, when really what they are talking about is their logo.

They pick out their colors, their favorite fonts, maybe even set up an inspiration board and then hand it over to a designer - or even try to DIY it, and call it their brand. I hate to tell you, but that's not a brand. Those might be some your brand elements, but they aren't your brand.

As a small business owner, You are your brand. A brand is your passions, your goals. Your ideas and your values. It's what you stand for. It's why you started your business, which by the way, shouldn't be just for the money. Your brand is how your business makes people feel.

Your brand must be consistent throughout your online and offline presence. Your brand will guide every decision you make because your brand, and brand story, gives clarity to what and who exactly your business is there for.




Before I will film a client, I have them go through a questionnaire and give me so many details about who they are and who their business is. I've been told it's pretty intense. But every client comes out of it with a sense of clarity about who they are as a business and what their story is. And only then can we work together to create a brand film that showcases their story.

Are you clear on your brand? The values and the passion and the reason why your business exists? You think so? Can you answer these three questions? If you get stuck on a question, need clarity about an idea, or have an epiphany, leave a comment and let me know!

1. What are your business's core values?

2. How do you want your customers to feel after an interaction with your business?

3. What is your brand story? (Don't know what a brand story is? Sign up for the newsletter to make sure you don't miss out on the explanation.)

Are you ready to dive in and show your brand story to the world with a film? Let's talk!