The 3 P's | Brand Film necessities

A good brand film connects with potential clients, calls them to take action, and puts a little money in your bank in the process.

What you need in a brand film.

What all does a brand film really need?

Let's get started with the most basic question. What exactly is a Brand Film? Simple answer... It's a film (video) that shows off your brand in 3 minutes or less. Kind of like your very own commercial. A good brand film shows off different aspects of your brand. What I like to call the "3 P's" - cause I'm all about alliteration, yo.
• personality
• passions
• purpose (your why)
Now, the way you and your videographer choose to show these aspects off can vary, but it often includes an interview and some behind the scenes footage.


The 3 P's of your brand film.

What you need to include in your brand film

Is your brand a tux and ball gown kind of affair? Or a casual Friday? Do you use off beat humor or are you a straight shooter in all you write or say? Are you bubbly and cheerful and so excited that you shout your ideas from the rooftops or do you need time and silence to mull over your ideas? Your personality will be the leading factor in the music you choose for your brand film.

What do you love about your business? Do you get giddy at the thought of finding the exact right size of clear balloon to fill with glitter or would you rather be doing behind the scenes coding stuff to make a website work? What part of your business would you do as a hobby? Your passions will guide your videographer in choosing B-roll footage.

Besides the obvious answer of "to make money to buy my own island that comes with young, dumb, hot cabana boys," why do you do what you do? To help
underprivileged women reenter the work force or to help business owners create
mastermind groups? Your purpose will be conveyed through you. Whether it's through you looking directly into the camera and speaking, or using your audio as an overlay for the film, you need to talk to your viewers.

But wait! There's More!

Let's say you've got your 3 P's down and you are happy as all get out with your brand film. It's everything you wanted. Too bad, you could possibly still have a problem. Even if it's what you want, is it what your potential clients need to hear? Before you say anything on camera, you need to make sure that you are expressing what you can do for your clients. How can you make their lives easier? Why should they spend their hard earned money on you or your products?

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