What to Wear on Video

As if being on camera isn't nerve wracking enough, now you need to figure out what to wear!

How to choose what to wear on video

I often have clients ask what they should plan to wear on camera or have me help pick out which piece of jewelry works best. While clothing isn't something you should seriously stress over, there are some guidelines that will help you look your best.
I really had planned to take a video of what not to wear for you guys, but shockingly I pretty much own nothing but solid dark color clothing. I do have things that are entirely too small that I keep telling myself I will eventually be able to wear again, but I didn't want to hurt your eyes. So use your imagination and thank me later.

3 Do's and Don't's of What to Wear in Your Video

  1. Don't wear stripes. It makes the viewer dizzy.
  2. Don't wear words. If you do, eventually your shirt that says "Sassy woman" will get folded over by your boobs and will say "ass man." Not great.
  3. Do match your brand. If your brand is all business with minimal design, don't wear a bright pink floor length tutu and lime green top. Don't wear that anyways, but you get it. You don't have to wear your brand colors, but do think about what you want to show. Your clothing is essentially a prop in the video that needs to be thought out. Don't stress, but make it make sense.

Seriously though, don't over think it and don't not think about it at all. You're smart. You run your business. You've got this. Can't wait to watch your video!

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