Why You Need Video Marketing in Your Small Business

woman holding a camera to shoot a brand video

Is this you?

•You promote your service or products online.
•You have a story behind your business that you know would help your sales.
•You have seen a decline in your Facebook and Instagram reach.

You should know...

•Recent research shows that people are 2x's as likely to purchase after watching a video about the products.
•YouTube is the second largest search engine.
•Having video on a website gets you ranked 58% higher than a site just using text.
•Businesses that use video on their site get about 41% more traffic than those who don't.
•Only 20% of people read an article all the way to the end.

If those stats aren't enough for you....

Remember all those books and articles and blog posts telling you that YOU are your brand? As a small business owner, people are buying from you. People are buying your story, your why. And if those people don't know your story, don't have a clue who you are, and don't believe in you, then they are probably going to skip right over you.

But, if you create that Know, Like, and Trust factor that you keep hearing about, then you've got an easier win. How can you let people get to know and like you if most of them won't read the entire article you've written? How can you become a business that they will trust to show up and be consistent if your social media reach keeps declining?

You use videos.

A person will sit through a 30 second video of you telling about yourself much more often than they will read a paragraph. Facebook will push your video in the feeds above that text post that your competition is putting out there. Instagram scrollers will watch your 15 second clip instead of opening up the caption to read the entire paragraph.

Videos will show your personality, tell about your brand values, and not just tell your why, but show it.

How can you afford not to use video?

Want to begin creating your own branded videos, but don't know where to start? Start here. With my From Bland to Branded Video course. Eleven modules taking you from the planning stages to the editing room, you'll finish the course with the confidence and ability to create videos for social media that make you stand out from the crowd.

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