Writing Your Script | Branding Your Videos Series

If your viewers come away from your video remembering only one thing, what do you want it to be?

woman with painted nails typing on a laptop

When deciding what to say in your branded video or brand film, you should first start by thinking about your dream client and then how your business helps your dream client. What is it that you do for them that no one else can? That is your message. That is what your video is going to revolve around.

Brand Voice

What is your brand's voice? In social media posts, do you use three exclamation points in a row? Or are your sentences long and detailed? Are you short and to the point?

The same style that you use in your hard copy is the same style you will use in the speaking parts of your video.


The length of your video will vary depending on what platform it is intended for.

  • Instagram - allows 60 seconds, but people aren't used to that full minute yet, so keep it short and to the point.
  • Facebook - research shows that 1 minute 20 seconds is the sweet spot for getting viewers to finish the film. Anything longer than that and you risk people getting bored and clicking away.
  • Vimeo, Youtube, Your Website - Stay under 3 minutes. People do not have the attention span you think they do. Plus, if you can't tell someone why they need to hire you in under three minutes, you need to go back and get more clarity on that.

Don't keep talking or adding footage just to get to a certain time length!