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Video Editing.

Done Right.

Sure, you can keep editing on your own. You can keep getting frustrated and hating that your videos aren't coming out as professional as they should be.
You can keep dreading your editing day. Or, you can stop with all the hassle.


Let me take over edits

Give yourself time to create more content, more time to work with more clients, and more time to do what you do best.


How it works

You send a sample of your footage. Answer a few questions so I know the in's and out's of your brand and your purpose for the videos. Receive your quote and then send me your files through DropBox.

I start the editing process. I color grade clips, edit for length, clean up your audio, and create transitions that match your style. I add licensed music, making sure that it is timed to fit the video.

You check your first cut, approve or ask for changes, and then download the video in HD quality from Vimeo. Post the video and see your followers engage and become connected!


Basic Editing
I enhance your colors a bit, lighten up or darken clips that need it a smidge. Take out that awful yellow cast or get rid of the cool coloring you've got going on. I make sure your audio is lined up and in sync. Serious color editing and audio clean up is available in addition to the basic price.

Basic Music Licensing
You probably need background music. Nothing over powering and something to enhance your story. You'll get a piece of music that is licensed for your use. If you want something particular or need to find something at a higher price point than the basics, I'll let you know the additional price before purchasing.


Editing Pricing

Ok, so yeah. There are quite a few factors that go into pricing a film edit.  While there's not a one size fits all editing price, here arethe factors that go into determining a price for your edits.

How much RAW footage do you have? More RAW footage means more time that it takes for me to cull and edit those clips. Up to 5 mins of RAW footage with no additional audio files,  starts at the base price of $75.

How many photos do you want to include in your film? Up to 5 is no additional charge to the base price! After that, there is a $5 charge per 10 photos. And that jpeg of your logo... it doesn't count towards your photo count!

How long do you want your finished film to be? If you are creating for social media and want the video to be under 1 minute long, that's included in the base price for free! Think you need something longer? Let's chat!


Call For your custom quote

Let's chat so we can talk about exactly what you need for your videos.

Logo placement. Music. Transitions. audio.
color enhancement.

Stop wasting time on the editing and spend your time creating and marketing your video content so your followers can get to know you better.