1. How long does the process take?
    Well, it depends. It's different for each process.
    Filming - On average, I book filming days 3-4 weeks out. This gives us time to find inspiration pieces, clarify your message, and gather any props or wardrobe extras you'd like in the film. After the filming is complete, it can take about 2 weeks to receive the first cut of your film. You get up to two revisions with editing and music, and each round of revisions takes an additional week.  I only take on 2 filming clients per month in order to keep the backlog from happening.
    Editing - When there is an opening, basic editing films takes about 1 week. You get one revision, which can take an additional week. If you are a contract client, I'll learn your editing needs quickly and the editing will happen faster.
    Coaching - Simple. We plan a day, usually 1 - 2 weeks out. We are done in one afternoon. Or morning. Whichever works best for our schedules.
  2. How do I prepare?
    •Start by knowing your brand. The questionnaire that I send you will help you get very clear on your brand values, your ideal client, and the message you want to convey in the film.
    •Look around for inspiration. You can spend some time on Vimeo and Pinterest. Get specific about what it is that you like. The colors, the lighting, the music, etc?
    •When you write your script, you can send it to me to look over. I'll use my snazzy English degree to make sure that viewers will hear what you want them to. And then you'll practice your script like crazy. Say it to your dog, your kids, and your mirror. Say it enough times that it becomes natural instead of stilted and memorized.
    •Choose your outfit(s), accessories, and props before the day of. Try them on. Iron them.
  3. What should I wear?
    Be comfortable. Be yourself. But be a slightly better version of your daily self. (Unless you are making a yoga film, try to put on real pants.) Choose a style that supports your brand. Is your brand casual or formal, flashy or subtle? Avoid jewelry that makes lots of noise when you move, or long necklaces that might hit your lav mic when filming. Your lav mic is normally placed about 12 inches below your chin, so if you want to wear a necklace, choose one that is shorter. Layers are lovely, but avoid crazy prints, logos, and words on your clothing.
  4. What if I'm too nervous to be on camera?
    You'll get over it. I promise. Everyone feels a bit awkward at first, but we'll take it slow and let you warm up. We will keep going until it's perfect. And the more prepared you are before I walk in the door, the more comfortable you'll be. If you try to pick your outfit the day of, or you haven't gone over your script, you're going to be understandably nervous. But if you go into the day knowing what you will wear, what you will say, and how awesome it's going to be, you'll nail it.
  5. What do I do with the videos afterwards?
    Show them off! And you'll know exactly what to do, because if I'm filming you or coaching you, you'll get a whole marketing plan!

The Technical FAQ's

  1. What is the non-refundable deposit for?
    Long before the filming begins, we start working together. I take only a limited amount of clients because I want to be able to give you my undivided attention. The non-refundable deposit is half of your total amount due and covers the time we spend working together before the filming process begins.
  2. What days can we film?
    Running a family and a business can get hectic, so I reserve certain days for filming, editing, meetings, and family time. I am available to film on Tuesday or Thursday, afternoons or all day Fridays. Emails and phone calls are always welcome!
  3. How many edits do I get?
    You have up to two rounds of revisions of both the editing style and music when we create your film. If I am editing your footage only, then you get one round. This means you can tell me that you want to take out a certain clip, lengthen a clip, change the pace, or anything else within reason. (My mom always asks me to change her clothes or her hair or add in a person that wasn't even there. That is not within reason.) It also means that if you do not like the music, you can give me a new description of what you would like me to find. Each round of revisions can take up to 1 week to complete.
  4. Can I pick my music?
    If you mean, can you pick from the options I give you, yes! But if you are wanting a very specific song, you might run into trouble. More popular songs increase in price for licensing. Some songs are not even allowed to be licensed. If you want a song that goes above the allocated amount in your pricing, you will need to pay for the additional cost. Also, I almost always suggest not using popular songs. They will date your film and make it seem more trendy than classic.
  5. What types of files will I get?
    You will receive a fully edited film formatted for the platform you have chosen. I film in 4K and you will be able to download the full resolution video from my Vimeo account.  You will not receive any unedited footage.