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Remember those choose your own adventure books?
Well, it's time to pick your poison, chick.

I work with 2 types of clients. Business owners and moms. Because the needs of each are a little different, the way we go about working together will be a little different too.


stock video footage for businesses

It's time to tell your family's story.

You’ve got cell phone videos and photos out the wazoo, just sitting there, waiting to make magic.

the everyday stories are what make up your family magic

Capturing your daughter’s giggles, your son’s voice, and the everyday things that make up your memories is something you’ll never regret.

You’ll send me your footage from either your cell phone or DLSR and I’ll put it together into a video that your family will cherish.

brand flm services

Family video editing

show your story



Have some awesome footage?

but really don't want to edit it?

stock video options

You've got the filming pretty much down.

But OMG you hate the thought of editing.

Maybe you just don't want to learn how to use the software. Or maybe it just takes up too much time.

You get that your time is better spent doing what you know.

You can spend more time filming and creating your content instead of fighting with the editing.

I stalk your social media pages, I check out your website, and I ask about your brand story so I know exactly who I am editing for. Then I can edit together a film that will accomplish your goal and connect with viewers.

Editing starts at $75 and is calculated based on RAW footage and depth of editing needed.